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In practicing mindfulness, we cultivate a new intimate relationship with ourselves by getting to know our minds and bodies closely. In a way we cultivate a sense of trust and trustworthiness towards ourselves and our experiences by seeing it more clearly and honestly. Learning to trust the natural wisdom of our bodies which we usually take for granted. Trusting that the lungs know how to take the next breath and the heart knows how to beat in it’s natural rhythm. The body does so much every moment to keep itself alive without conscious effort from the mind. The experiences in the body also help us figure out what’s going on in the mind. We learn to trust our bodies and this attitude of trust starts within and extends outwards as a capacity to better understand our experiences and relationships with others. It helps us respond in ways that are more helpful. Mindfulness helps cultivate wisdom and the trusting process develops out of informed discernment and openness. We can only trust what we know and mindfulness helps us know our minds and bodies better. We are our own best guides. Deep down we all know what is good for us, it’s a matter of being able to find that within and trust that voice.

We build trust in the process and the timing of things. We make plans but don’t always know how things will play out or what is good for us in the end. To know that there is some good in the bad and some bad in the good. Trust, along with wisdom helps us navigate life with grace instead of panic.


"Trust the wait. Embrace the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible"


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