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The way the mind has an impact on the body, so does the body have an impact on the mind. A Posture that is relaxed and open, as opposed to rigid and alarmed, can help take the mind to a similar place. Our posture and facial expressions at any given time are actively tied to our corresponding thoughts and feelings. In Meditation we bring awareness to our posture and facial expressions along with corresponding thoughts and feelings. By intentionally relaxing the body into a still and calm posture and relaxing the facial muscles we can help calm a scattered mind, like gently calming down a wild horse.


We can explore our postures while standing, sitting, lying down or in motion. Creating healthier postures through exercise, stretching and yoga can go a long way to help cultivate healthy resilient mental states. Grounding of the body can be felt through awareness of our posture. By having the right intention in how we hold our bodies and ourselves we can build corresponding mental attitudes. Not overzealous and strict but also not so lax and uncaring. Like the rightful effort of non-striving, holding ourselves with alternes and openness, as well as having calmness and protective boundaries.

“Posture doesn’t just reflect our emotional states; it can also cause them.” – Amy Cuddy [New York Times, Your iPhone is ruining your posture and your mood]

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