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To bring awareness to our whole body as it sits, stands or lying down, helps us arrive home to the here and now. Being aware of the body as a whole by sensing our hands, feet and face all being part of one whole in this present moment.


We only pay attention to our body when something is hurting but to learn to pay attention to it when it is resting or working in our everyday lives can be very connecting and rewarding. It can be hard to tune into subtle ever-present sensations because the brain is used to tuning out all the great variety of information it receives all the time. It is trained to focus on only what is out of the ordinary- pleasure or pain. Helps to ask ourselves “How do you know you have a body with your eyes closed and without moving?” Then we will see all the small sensations that can rise into awareness. The weight and the posture of the body, all the sensations in the body.


We can also bring awareness to the body in motion. When we are more aware of our body we can also be more aware of its needs and how to nurture it's wellbeing.

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