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Generosity like gratitude is a replenishing state of mind. Generosity to others enhances our own joy in the most wholesome and incomparable way. It puts us in touch with the interconnectedness of all of humanity. The practice of generosity towards others and towards the self comes from a place of kindness and compassion and not pity or narcissism. If pity is evoked when we witness suffering in another person, it reinforces a pattern of self-pity being evoked when we face suffering ourselves, but when empathy and compassion are evoked when witnessing suffering in another then self-compassion becomes a more likely possibility when suffering arises in the self. Compassion and kindness are essential parts of mindfulness. A bare awareness that is non-judgemental can be cold and empty like a machine simply noting what is there. That alone is not mindfulness. The warmth of compassion, kindness and generosity is imbued within a mindful approach. It is not enough to just non-judgementally observe suffering in others or the self but to make space for it and to hold it gently with kindness and warmth is one of the core skills that is nurtured by mindfulness practice. Acceptance and openness to how things are makes space for the suffering to be held and generosity of spirit and kindness cultivates the capacity for healing it. Time alone doesn’t heal all wounds, it requires compassion and kindness over time for healing to take place and healing is always possible no matter how deep the hurt.


"The heart that gives, gathers"


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